by The Pyre

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released March 2, 2017

Recorded by Henner Rekorder (henner-rekorder.de) and David Deutsch (1408-productions.com).
Mixed by David Deutsch (1408-productions.com).
Mastered by Igor.



all rights reserved


The Pyre Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Ghosts (Part One)
Woke up in the westwing
Room number nine
Amber sat beside my bed
I was holding her hand in mine

Whispers coming from the hallway
Howling, cawing, a cough
Ghosts from the past I couldn't face
And just wanted to shake off

Something crashed down the corridor
I heard a rattling moan
Amber said: 'Don't you ever think
that you are not alone'

Heads up!

My legs were weak as we left the room
I saw a strange man stare
My whole body shaking in distress
I felt oh-so-scared

Heads up!

Don't remember anything
You and me, oh my darling
We don't need this haunted house
Let's spread our wings
Track Name: Closeted
Hiding face
Broken home
In the night
No one knows

Lusting eyes
Scratching claws
No one knows

I remember living down here
I remember feeling sick
I remember letting nobody
See I'm different

Now this place is deserted
Now this place is defaced
There is no one left to talk to
To me there never was

One more night and we'll get out of here
One more night and we'll be safe
One more night and we will sneak past
All the lurking creeps

They are hiding in the shadows
They are looking for a fix
They wanna satisfy their hunger
Stalking on their prey

I remember being different
But there's no 'different' anymore
Just you and me and the creeps
On our front porch
That keep us awake and hiding
In the closet
Until the sunrise
Until it’s safe

This is love
Track Name: Intruders
There were bodies all over the mall
I felt their eyes on me
We came across a convenience store
I sniffed a rotten breeze

Dull moaning while we snuck past
Like we were two of them
Intruders among the living
Or among the dead

I felt them closing in
I was gonna trip and fall
Amber said: 'They won't hurt you
Let's go and rob them all'

Look at their gazing eyes
They are all dead inside
We're just looting, dear Felice
Looting and then we'll hide

There is no shelter anymore
In this world, there never was
But maybe it's the monsters that fear us

Baring our teeth
Flexing muscles
Creeping in and
Cracking knuckles

We're the monsters

After all we're monsters too
Track Name: Conflicted Truth
Trapped inside a book
That no one ever took
Novelties in dust

Tales stuck on the shelves
Between heaven and hell
Conflicts in the dusk

I wandered through the halls
Bound to free them all

Books all over the ground
Life designs in the dirt
Would they stay unheard?

Dipping into distant worlds
Who's to say what's real?
Layers of conflicted truth
All for me to peel

Carry what you can take

Tyler Durden, Thursday Next
Amber, please don't take me back!
Dexter Morgan, T. S. Garp
Let me stay just where you are
Martin Banks and Jay Gatsby
This is my reality
Track Name: Ringing Bells
The bell rang through the fields
Had another hour passed?
We had lost track of time
So had the voices in the church

There were cross beasts with wings
Hurtling above our heads
Shrieking in archaic tongues
Trying to drive us mad

They were ready to attack
Out for blood, land with smack
They were ready to attack
Praising a god that turned his back

Amber said:
'There is no god
And if so, I hate his guts
Telling us to obey a law
That he himself forgot

Ringing bells
Cursing spells
Throwing shells
Go to hell'
Track Name: Bloodlust
We had nowhere to hide
They were all over town
Reveling in lust
Hunting us down

Teeth long as swords
Sharp as knives
To suck out our blood
And eat us alive

Hot blood
Sharp teeth
All lust
No shame
Get away

On every corner
We could smell their breath
Their aroused sweat
The stench of death

After hours of rush
Amber tripped and fell
They lunged out at her
Numb to thrusts and yells

Hot blood
Sharp teeth
All lust
No shame
Get away

She moaned:
'You can still make it out, sweet Felice
Don't say good-bye, just leave
Run! Run, Felice, just run!'
Track Name: Aftermath
There is something truly wounded
In clutching who you are
When all you're doing day and night
Is scratching on your scars

There's no future for a person
With a snarling past like mine
I am guilty of all pleasures
But I'm innocent of crime

I don't know who has been stabbing
But there's gushes on my back
Turned around, facing down
All the bestial wrecks

I've been running all my life
Still just my feet are in one piece
I'm a complicated fracture
I'm a swinish lump of seams

I need their howls, I need their cheers
I'm so rotten deep inside
All by myself I'll calm the noise
When it's silent in the night

For a secound you have been mulling
Over giving havoc a shot
Hours later you realised:
I'm a screw-up and you're not
Track Name: Ghosts (Part Two)
Woke up in the westwing
Room number nine
Through the noise of my nightmares
The nurse said: 'Get up, it’s time'

Stumbled down the hallway
My home for so long
Strange people for a strange family
I won't ever be gone

Heads up!

A fella said:
'Dreams and reality
They don’t drift too far
While you’re battling your own ghosts
To become who you already are

We're living in a world of beasts
It's a rough yet righteous place
And don't you now dare telling me
You're not part of the race'

Heads up!

I feel imprisoned in my fantasies
I run to my room to lie down
We’re all just creeps in a damaged world
And the sickest will share the crown

Pinch my arms, slap my cheeks
Did I trade one dream for another?
Did I just wake up?
Or did I fall asleep?