from by The Pyre



There is something truly wounded
In clutching who you are
When all you're doing day and night
Is scratching on your scars

There's no future for a person
With a snarling past like mine
I am guilty of all pleasures
But I'm innocent of crime

I don't know who has been stabbing
But there's gushes on my back
Turned around, facing down
All the bestial wrecks

I've been running all my life
Still just my feet are in one piece
I'm a complicated fracture
I'm a swinish lump of seams

I need their howls, I need their cheers
I'm so rotten deep inside
All by myself I'll calm the noise
When it's silent in the night

For a secound you have been mulling
Over giving havoc a shot
Hours later you realised:
I'm a screw-up and you're not


from Felice, released March 2, 2017



all rights reserved


The Pyre Hanover, Germany

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